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Fact or Science Fiction – Technology in The Circle

“TruYou—one account, one identity, one password, one payment system, per person. There were no more passwords, no multiple identities. Your devices knew who you were, and your one identity—the TruYou” (Eggers, 21). A large portion of the reason I found … Continue reading

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Blog Post 2, Utopia or Dystopia?

Mercer, our first look into an actual voiced opinion of someone who does not trust or like the circle. This varies from what we have heard before, which was a second hand story told by workers of the Circle talking … Continue reading

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Is it Really All That Different?

In Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s 2009 film Gamer, the game “Society” is much like a sensationalized, ultra-sleazy and barbaric version of modern-day Second Life – the key difference being that avatars are real people who have consented to being … Continue reading

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