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The Personal is Unpolitical: Paper and Purpose in The Circle

The passage I chose to focus on occurs at the bottom of Page 187 and continues into the top of 188.  Mae’s boss Dan just finished holding a meeting with her about her recent lack of participation in The Circle’s … Continue reading

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Consequences of Acting Through Others

An hour into the film Gamer, John “Kable” Tillman enters a rave within the Society’s game while attempting to free his wife Angie. Shots are fired at Kable, which end up killing several people at the rave. In the real … Continue reading

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The Enframed Cyborg

Ken Castle is the perfect example of a merger between a Harroway cyborg and Heidegger’s standing reserve. This is because the act of enframing as standing reserve and the concept of the cyborg are two intertwined ideas. In class, we … Continue reading

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Hopefully Humankind Doesn’t End Up This Way…

Throughout Neveldine and Taylor’s film Gamer it is obvious to see that technology has advanced so much that it not only is a constant part of daily life, but it is people’s lives. The “game” society first showed the life-consuming … Continue reading

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Humanity vs Gamer

The one moment from Gamer which stood out to me was the elevator scene, where Terry Crews’ character, Hackman, violently murders two people at the urging of “Gorge”, the person controlling Angie, as well as the chase sequence which follows … Continue reading

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Massively Multiplayer Standing Reserves

The primary thing from our readings that stands out to me throughout Gamer is how completely submerged the populous is to what Heidegger calls the standing reserve. You can see this throughout the movie, not just in the Slayer/Society scenes, … Continue reading

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Gamer in relation to Heidegger

So far in this class we’ve talked a lot about telling stories with technology, hence the name of the class narrative and technology, but the thing we’ve talked most about seems to be how technology is important in our lives … Continue reading

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