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The Sense of an Ending in Serial Media

While World of Warcraft is an exemplary piece of media in terms of demonstrating the consistent peripeteia of late capitalism, I don’t believe that it’s the first or only piece of media to do so. Several forms of serial media, specifically television shows and … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now: Gamer and The End

Our obsession with an apocalyptic ending to human life has been a recurring theme in narrative, stretching from pre-biblical epics to modern film’s frequent portrayal of disastrous events that destroy humanity forever. We spend the entirety of our life existing, … Continue reading

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Technology to Advanced for Human Race?!

In Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film Gamer (2009), the final scene, still so vivid in my mind, is a scene that I was able to interpret from my point of view in great depth. In this scene Tillman has … Continue reading

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