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Who is Mariella

For my final blog post I am going to focus on a small aspect of the game The Stanley Parable (2013). This was actually not the first ending that I got, but it was the one that stuck with me … Continue reading

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Gaming and Naming in World of Warcraft

Charlotte Hagstrom closes out Digital Culture, Play, and Identity: A “World of Warcraft” Reader with her chapter on Gaming and Naming in World of Warcraft. In this essay Hagstrom goes into detail regarding player names and their relation to the … Continue reading

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The Transparent Shark

“The lobster had been consumed, and Mae saw something gruesome and wonderful: the lobster was being processed, inside the shark, in front of her, with lighting speed and incredible clarity. Mae saw the lobster broken into dozens, the hundreds of … Continue reading

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“Narrating Information Technology in the Twenty-First Century”

Welcome to the course weblog for Narrative and Technology. This is a space for us to collectively construct, a site of further exploration and discussion, a place to pursue avenues outside of the purview of the physical classroom. So, in … Continue reading

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