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The Transparent Shark

“The lobster had been consumed, and Mae saw something gruesome and wonderful: the lobster was being processed, inside the shark, in front of her, with lighting speed and incredible clarity. Mae saw the lobster broken into dozens, the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Blind Faith: Dissecting Eggers on Technological Praise

In Dave Egger’s novel The Circle, the company of the Circle preaches to its customers and its employees of its complete human nature. Everything that goes on in the Circle has a origin from a human being’s hands, but as … Continue reading

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Forget The “What Ifs” Let’s Talk About Form ( A Revised Version)

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film, Gamer, is saturated with extreme depictions of violence and hypersexual individuals. Yet, there is more to the film than “T & A” and “what ifs”. The images of breast, blood, and attractive characters mixed … Continue reading

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