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The Effect Of The Internet And The Loss Of Knowledge

“Most recently, one of [Mae’s] friends from college had posted a message about having the stomach flu, and a long thread followed, with friends making suggestions about remedies, some offering sympathy, some posting photos meant to cheer her up. Mae… … Continue reading

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Consequences of Acting Through Others

An hour into the film Gamer, John “Kable” Tillman enters a rave within the Society’s game while attempting to free his wife Angie. Shots are fired at Kable, which end up killing several people at the rave. In the real … Continue reading

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But where danger is, grows the saving power also.

In The Question Concerning Technology, one of the least detailed points that Heidegger covered was that while technology is dangerously used to enframe, it also has the power to “save.” He interpreted Hölderlin’s quote to mean that enframing is destined to, at some … Continue reading

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