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Death and Family, Stanley outside the office. Blog 4.

While the Stanley Parable presents a variety of interesting moments to focus on, such as multiple endings, the narrator’s mocking voice, the decision to follow instructions or disobey, I prefer to focus on one particular moment that I peaked my … Continue reading

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Becoming Esther

Dear Esther is an intriguing, unique gameplay experience.  It deprives you of the things you take for granted as standard aspects of videogames – you are unable to jump, run, interact with objects, or really perform any action aside from … Continue reading

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Criticism of Character Identification

From Ch. 12 of WoW Reader. In her essay ‘Character Identification in World of Warcraft’, Ragnhild Tronstad examines the relationship between character appearance and capabilities, as well as this relationship’s effect on the player’s identification with the character and experience … Continue reading

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